Tuesday, April 13

Lilla Rogers & Smells Like Crayons

Filled with eye candy and sugar coated dreams, I had the exciting opportunity to visit Lilla Roger's studio! Along with, the prolific Smells Like Crayons illustrator group, and other talented artists from Rhode Island & Boston area on Sat. for a workshop.

Lilla is a tremendous mentor and graciously shared lots of wonderful advice and support. She is both an amazing artist and business person. Look for an exciting direction in my work and site, after letting all of Saturday simmer and swim around in my head.

Fellow Illustrator, Ann Marie, wrote a wonderful post here on the day-

"....Beautiful melon orange and lemon-lime hues greeted me along with the charming, and engaging Lilla. There were paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and samples of products fit neatly into racks. On an orange swivel chair was a pillow that had work on it by one of her artists....."