Thursday, November 18

Exciting News! New website & Rocket Ship Pizza

Exciting news on two accounts! My dear friend recently
suggested that I take a look at they draw and
Upon where I discovered a wonderful and inspirational
community of fellow Illustrators. Nate and his sister Salli
are a talented design team, that started this fun project! I
cooked up this rocket ship pizza recipe & design for a contest.
The recipes that are selected will be published in a cook
book for children. Also, check out their latest contest offering
this time through the Food Network.

Today is the day that the rocket ship pizza was published on
their site :) check it out here!

And today would also be the day
that I can say my new website is COMPLETE up and hopefully
running now on all browsers! This is not for the faint at heart...
What a challenge it is to write code and do webdesign. I'm so, so relieved to have this project behind me & more time for creating art work! Please take a look :