Tuesday, August 30

vermont. "why don't you be the artist & make me out of clay….?"

ellie goulding, the writer:
vermont is a stunning state
many hidden cloves tucked into vibrant green hills,
handsome forests where you can chase fairies, whisper secrets
down by the river beds, taste the serenity of
pure white snow & yes, where people can ride down a street on a horse…. a favorite spot is the quechee bridge and simon
pearce glass blowing studio; where artisans create exquisite glass.
good thoughts being sent to all of the friends & family there….
even when we don't know it; we are being gently held in the palm of
the hand and being loved.
(photos:simon pearce glass, quechee covered bridge & "eastern cowboy" on horse
talking to my lulu & song by ellie goulding, the writer, listen… "Why don't you be the artist and make me out of clay? why don't you be the writer and decide the
words i say?" )

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